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The Wax Barista

Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melts

Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melts

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 Iced Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melts- the perfect way to bring the cozy and comforting scent of freshly baked gingerbread cookies into your home this holiday season.

A delightful aroma of warm spices, sweet molasses, brown sugar and hints of vanilla cream as this candle fills your space with its inviting fragrance. The scent of our Iced Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melts are sure to transport you to a winter wonderland, evoking memories of cherished moments spent with loved ones.

Crafted with care, these wax melts features a long-lasting burn time, ensuring that the enchanting scent of gingerbread lingers throughout your festive celebrations. Whether you're hosting a holiday gathering or simply relaxing at home, our Iced Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melts will create an ambiance of warmth and joy.

The Wax Barista is not associated with any theme park, brand, movie, attraction, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or any other implied intellectual property in any manner. The names of our melts and/or candles are not meant to refer to any specific destination, resort, character, movie, or attraction owned by any corporation.

Our candles are hand-crafted with an all-natural organic soy wax. This allows for maximum scent throw making these candles the perfect gift for a loved one or a wonderful, scented treat for yourself!

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